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Country Caricatures

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Welcome. Please enjoy your visit to my humble little place on the web, I’m honored you’re here to see my carvings.  For me, woodcarving started as a way to combat boredom on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  Carving also proved a wonderful departure from a high stress job.  With an Exacto knife and a cedar stake, I carved a primitive wood spirit which I use now to show students what not to do.  After that first piece, I was hooked and concluded I could maybe do better if I had a real carving knife and possibly a book.  Twenty-nine years later, I’m still buying books and carving tools.

While over the years, I’ve carved some ornery woods (Mesquite comes to mind) and some not so tough, but my wood of choice for most works is Basswood.  It’s easy on the tools, holds detail well, and has no distinctive grain which can complicate painted pieces.  About 12 years ago “Woodcarvedstuff.com” came into existence and carving became a hobby to the third power. 

Now retired from a career in organization management, I have less stress and more time for carving.  I like that.  Carving has introduced me to some wonderful people both as students and as patrons.  I had a great time teaching carving, for better than five years, at Tulsa’s Woodcraft store, and now in a new program at Northeast Technology Center, in Pryor and Claremore, Oklahoma. winslow arizona yamaha

Besides making woodchips, I enjoy motorcycle touring.  On my 57th birthday astride a Gold Wing, I made it into the membership of the Iron Butt Association (there is such an organization) in 2001. The IBA recognizes long distance rides on motorcycles.   My association with Gold Wing Riders and my love of carving caused me to put the loves together and create the “Lil Wingger, which can be viewed on the Special Commisions page. Now with a different set of two wheels I recently rode to an additional “Saddle Sore” certificate through the IBA on my 64th birthday !

My wonderful wife, Marj and I, live just North and East of Claremore right off historic Route 66. We call our little place in the country, "Tranquility Base". It's a great spiritual place for a woodcarver and his darling wife. Thank you again for spending a little time on the site.  Your comments are always welcome. 



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